Josh Frey

Passion is something that can be applied to any aspect of life: be it work, religion, music, family, or good food, it’s what keeps us coming back for a second....maybe even a third, helping. Being the Cheese Department Director at Dorothy Lane Market gives me plenty of opportunities to share my growing passion for good food. I’ve attended many gatherings for food fanatics, like myself, including American Cheese Society conferences and the Fancy Food Show in Chicago. I’m a young guy, with much to learn, but I’ve gotten a good start from long days on the golf course with my father. I also lead a weekly Bible study for other twenty-somethings, and let loose occasionally at Indie punk rock concerts. Traveling to Europe is something I’m determined to do. This goal directly relates in part to selling cheese: One of our goals is to give you the same experience as you would have in a small European shop with interesting cheeses and knowledgeable staff.

I’ve learned about great cheeses and have tremendous respect for the small, local European cheese producers that dedicate immense time and effort to produce the best cheeses in traditional, artisan ways. They have so much to teach, and I am more than willing to learn. Italy and Spain are two countries that intrigue me, for their cheeses as well as cultures: I believe that the culture of a country lies in the heart of the great foods and wines they produce. Of course, I might have to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, between meeting the Spanish Manchego cheese producers of La Mancha and observing Roncalese farmers in the Pyrenees Mountains, but it all comes with the territory.

My current favorite cheese is the Piave Vecchio, an aged (vecchio in Italian) cow’s milk from northeast Italy. Stop by our stores or browse our DLM Mail order website to check out our exciting selection of European and American cheeses, so that you too can share our passion for great foods.