Ed Flohre

Since 1969, when I started as a carryout for the Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood, I have worked for DLM. At one point during my career with Dorothy Lane, my title was “Manager of Dairy, Specialty Cheese, Specialty Coffees, Specialty Gifts, Gift Baskets, Beer, and Wine”, the longest in DLM history. Obviously they were much smaller departments back then, but one thing it did was instill in me the excitement of trying new foods, traveling, and learning about other cultures. I am totally fascinated about why food tastes the way it does because of climate, culture, country, and even neighborhood. Also, the way interactions between neighbors and communities can change the culture and food of an area interests me. To me food is a part of history, and it makes tasting new things even more interesting.

I usually keep a loaf of Farmhouse Bread in my house to be dipped in my favorite olive oil, Vera Jane's Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, with some Ravida Sea Salt and some herbs. I enjoy Westcombe Cheddar and Humboldt Fog. And to finish the evening, a Santander 70%, or a Scharffen Berger.