About Us

The Start of shopDLM.com
Known in the Southwest region of Ohio for our gourmet foods, outstanding customer service, and exceptional assortment of culinary goods, Dorothy Lane Market is a staple for many families in the area. But that was just it; the only way to experience the high-quality foods and service offered by DLM would be to travel to Dayton, Ohio. Enter shopDLM.com Mail Order services. With the increase in popularity of gourmet food mail order websites, it seemed only fitting that Dorothy Lane reach beyond the borders of Ohio through the world-wide-web. Since the creation of shopDLM in 2004, we have increased dramatically with each additional year by finding new foods, producing intriguing gifts, and shipping these items all across the United States. From Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C., we hope that our love of food and great customer service covers any distance.

We believe there are few things in life as pleasurable as enjoying good food, be it tearing off a piece of aromatic crusty bread, drizzling a peppery olive oil over fresh greens, or sinking your teeth into a piece of flavorful cheese. If you have ever visited us, or shop in our stores now, you know what good things await you at Dorothy Lane Market. How do we do it? For one thing, we've been living it for over 50 years. We've also traveled to Europe, Asia, Australia, and all over the United States, eating and finding ways to bring you some of the same great eating experiences we've had. We partner with and learn from food artisans and others passionate about food. Simply put, at DLM, we love good food. And we want to share the experience with you! But what if you live far away? Or have a son or daughter in college? Or want to send the gift of great food to a loved one? Now there's an easy solution, by means of our shopDLM.com department. Enough talking about it …let's get on to great food.

Eat Well and Be Happy!