Killer Brownie<sup>®</sup> Gift Tin

Killer Brownie® Gift Tin

Our most popular item! In the mood for something big, rich, and chocolatey? This triple-layered treat is our most popular sweet by far - we sell thousands of them every week! Our exclusive, multi-layered brownies are big (each weighs approximately 1/3 lb.), gooey, and rich - the ultimate treat for the most discriminating chocoholic. Packed in a decorative gift tin, choose four from these ten great varieties!

The Original Killer Brownie®
Multiple layers of chocolate brownie; rich, gooey caramel; and chopped pecans make for a treat you won't soon forget.
Blonde Ambition Killer Brownie®
Macadamia nuts, Heath mix, and white chocolate added to caramel and a blonde brownie make this one a winner!
German Chocolate Killer Brownie®
This is the only brownie in our Killer Brownie® family that is made without caramel. Instead, this one is topped with German Chocolate icing containing coconut, almonds, and pecans.
Peanut Butter Killer Brownie®
Picture an Original with peanuts and peanut butter added. Now, take a bite and savor!
Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie®
We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and, as the name indicates, we skip the nuts.
Cream Cheese Killer Brownie®
A layer of cream cheese in the middle of an Original gives this brownie a taste all its own.
Brookie Killer Brownie®
The Brookie combines the decadent recipe of our Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie® with the classic, homemade taste of chocolate chip cookies.
Salted Caramel Killer Brownie®
We take our Original and sprinkle a touch of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty!
Cookies & Cream Killer Brownie®
If you love our Killer Brownie®, you're gonna really fall for this limited-edition Cookies & Cream Killer Brownie®. When you bite in, you'll be met by a swirl of mouth-watering cream and the nostalgic flavor of an old-fashioned chocolate cookie mixed with the caramel flavors signature to Killer Brownie®.

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4 ct • $25  


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