Bread Sampler

Bread Sampler

Enjoy these three wonderful, crusty breads baked in our French hearth oven. Pure, clean perfection from our home to yours. Rustic Country, San Francisco Sourdough, and Farmhouse Bread.Rustic Country is a light airy bread with a thin crust. We call it "Rustic" because we chunk off the dough and bake it in irregular shapes, just as it was done by the locals in the communal ovens of small French towns. Excellent for sandwiches as well as for tearing and eating by the piece at the dinner table. San Francisco Sourdough is one of our most cravable breads...this is the loaf with the blistered, bubbly crust and distinctive, tangy flavor. We don't make ours overly sour; we think you will find it one of the most balanced in flavor you will ever try. We use only organic flour, sea salt, and water, along with our own "mother," which is the naturally fermented, watery dough-like mixture where the sourdough culture lives and breathes. This culture is good for your health, much in the same way yogurt is. Farmhouse is made using all-natural, slow fermentation that gives this bread lingering flavor and a slight sourdough tang. Thanks to its hearty crust it holds up well for a few days on your countertop.

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