Ohio's Three-Course Meal

Try a three-course meal, courtesy of Ohio! This gift basket includes nearly everything you need for an evening full of good food. Featured is a bottle of Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette and The Pine Club House Dressing, both perfect for starter salads. Next up is a jar of Mamma DiSalvo's Original Recipe Italian Sauce; when mixed with Rossi Pasta Garlic! Fettuccini and a loaf of our Farmhouse Bread!, it makes for the perfect dinner. Last but not least, finish off the night with Esther Price Chocolates. These chocolates are a classic favorite around the dinner table, and a surefire way to end the evening.

6 ct $70  


Killer Brownie<sup>®</sup> Coffee Gift Pack
Killer Brownie® Coffee Gift Pack
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Thai Pantry
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16" Killer Brownie ® Tray Assorted
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The Pine Club Gift Pack