Sweet Fix

The Sweet Fix gift basket is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Our bakery is famous for its delectable favorites. Here, we've pulled together some of those bite-sized favorites. In it, you'll find:

DLM Traditional Butter Shortbread Bites: These all-butter shortbreads are made with unbleached flour.

DLM Chocolate Grahams: These Grahams are simply the best we have ever tasted. Topped with a generous amount of either milk or dark chocolate, or buttery caramel topped with dark chocolate and sea salt!

DLM Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Sweet and salty have never tasted so good. Delicious pretzels are coated in melty chocolate then dipped in a variety of toppings.

Let's not forget the bite-sized thumbprint cookies, fudge brownie bites, DLM Ballpark Popcorn, and Oreo balls that also are included. What are you waiting for?

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